Thursday, December 7, 2017

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite GRE Things...

My favorite special is P.E. It is my favorite special because you get to learn about different sports and you get to play different sports too. That week we were studying different games from different countries and it is cool to learn about how different / similar games can be in different countries.


My favorite special is library. This is my  favorite special because I love to read books and we get to play fun library games like library bingo. Also we get to learn about things such as kids who make inventions to help the earth and people who bring awareness to good causes.

My favorite part of gold rush is being with my teacher and having her around I have know idea what our class would do without her. Mrs hawk makes me smile right when I walk through that door or I should say everyone smiles when they walk through that door and sees her. Mrs hawk is the best teacher.

In art we are learning about being expressive. Being expressive in your art is very important because it can show different feelings or a good meaning. I love art because it is an expression of who you are no matter what anybody else thinks. If you think it is amazing, then it is.
          - Ryann

My favorite part of the day is the STEAM lab because we get solve problems and and explore new ideas with the robots we build, like in this picture this student is trying to figure out how to pull up that pile of lego bricks.

I like that we are able to do fun activities in tech!

My favorite thing about  going to  Gold Rush is seeing all of my friends. My friends make me happy and they make the day so much better. Plus they are always there for me in hard  times or just to be there. Gold Rush has the best people to be around.

One of my favorite things is playing the viola. I have learned twinkle twinkle little star, and Jingle bells.

My favorite thing at Gold Rush Elementary is math. I love math because I’m really good at math. I get challenging problems to solve from my math group with Mrs. Barta and Math Olympiad these problems are hard to solve but I persevere and eventually solve them.

My favorite subject at Gold Rush is reading! My favorite part of reading is reading groups. I like reading groups because it introduces you to new books and authors. The last book I read was Double identity and I now like the author, (Margaret Peterson Haddix). Right now I am reading Tuck Everlasting By: Natalie Babbitt.

My favorite subject in school is reading. This a picture of Ms.Lautenbach reading to the class. I like reading because we can read cool books. And we can explore cool stuff of what happened in the past like I survived. And we can read cool fiction books. And we get to pick new books that seems cool to read.


Fifth grade had a wonderful time during our field trip to the Nature and Science Museum,to study the lambs lungs. In this picture, I am doing an experiment with my friends: Abby, Maddie, and Mia. I really enjoyed the field trip. Going on field trips is my favorite part of school. It fun to be able to hang out with my friends and have fun.
~Megan  and Ava 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Student Bloggers Are Thankful For...

I am thankful for my friends at Gold Rush for my friends  who always help me.

I am thankful that our school participates in the community and helps nonprofit agencies (such as the Parker Task Force, Denver Rescue Mission, and veterans overseas).

I am also thankful for the PTO and the fundraising work they do for our school.  

In addition, I am thankful for my sister and all the things we can do together at school. I also love that I can see her throughout the day.  Finally, I am thankful that my mom works at this school.  She works very hard in my sister’s and my classroom, and throughout the entire school. 

I am thankful for the teachers at Gold Rush for making sure kids are safe crossing the street.

I am thankful that Gold Rush is kind and does fundraisers for people in need.
For example, the bake sell for the Barnhart family, the bins in the lunchroom for the Parker Task Force, and hat day for Thanksgiving turkeys. This pictures shows the canned food drive we are doing this month.  It feels good helping other people and making a difference in our community.

I’m also  thankful that Gold Rush has provided good food for kids to eat and has made sure we have a good nutritious lunch.  I LOVE lunch and I LOVE food!
~Carson, Gage, and Brooke

I am thankful for our library teacher Mrs. Golish and the books she provides for all of us.



First, I am thankful for friends because they are nice to you! Second, I am thankful for art in our school because it is fun and a time to have fun and creativity.

I’m thankful for my teacher Mrs. Hawk for teaching me new things and being really nice to all her students.


I am thankful for all of the amazing books that we have throughout our awesome library. Without the GRE library and our class libraries we wouldn’t such a large selection of books to choose from! 

I am thankful for all the office staff for arranging fun stuff in our school and keeping the school safe. Also whenever I walk into the office someone always says hi and they are always so nice!
  -- Jordan

 I am thankful for Mrs. Warner and P.E. I love P.E because it is the time of the day that you can run and play. I think it is important because kids get the freedom to use their energy and helps them focus better in class.  Mrs. Warner is super nice and makes sure everyone is included.  That’s why she is one of my favorites.
~Donut (Rylie)

I am thankful for that I can go to school with my little brother  this year. In this photo me and my little brother are walking to school. That is what I am thankful for.

I'm thankful for all of the great books at the book fair . I love that  we do that special activity at Gold Rush Elementary and raise money for the library.
~ Ava D.

Friday, November 3, 2017

November 3rd

Caring for Others

At Gold Rush we are helping the Parker Task by donating food that wasn't eaten in the cafe. The food that  we don’t eat goes to people in need. Anybody at Gold Rush can donate food. First, we put the food in the bins. Then, a bunch of students sort the food out by cold and hot food. On Tuesday mornings we take the food to the Parker Task force.
~Malia, Maya, Ava, Kendall, Cadence

Critical Thinking
5th grade classes just started writing opinion papers. We are trying to decide whether chocolate milk should be served or not be served in school cafeterias. First we researched about chocolate milk and then we had to choose which side we were on so we could make our claim. We are writing our drafts and trying to find ways to include evidence from experts to support our thinking.
~Bryce, Ryann, Harry

Battle of the Books
In battle of the books all of the students are reading different books and making questions for those books. The best books so far in my opinion are Took and When You Reach Me. Where splitting into 2 groups and we are trying to answer questions about the battle of the books,  books.   Some of the books we are reading are, Took, When You Reach Me, The Great Trouble, Kid Owner, The Key to Extraordinary, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Fourteenth Goldfish. We are preparing for battling against other schools.

-Jack and Brandon

Critical Thinking and Taking Risks

Math Olympiad started the week after fall break.  Kids in Math Olympiad practice tricky problems with their fellow classmates . They are working together and talking about how to solve really challenging problems. The exciting thing is that our first contest is next week.   Wish us luck!
~Carson, Gage

Caring for Others 

Many classes at Gold Rush are paired up with younger grades for book buddies. We had so much fun this week in book buddies. The older kids were caring for the younger buddies by reading to them, and helping them practice reading. Many of them also shared the reading strategies they are learning in class. We had a great time reading to each other.

This photo is a representation of kids working together to make masterpieces in BASE. When kids work together in BASE they can create anything.  They spent time encouraging each other and having a great time!
~Jordan and Rylie

Friday, October 6, 2017

GRE's Values

Our Blog club is working hard to find great examples of GRE’s values; taking risks, caring for others, critical thinking, and honoring differences. Below you will find some examples of pictures that we took of students going for these examples of citizenship. We are doing this to help people understand how our school is full of risk takers, people who care for each others and problem solvers.
Rylie (Donut) & Jordan
FullSizeRender 2.jpg

On October 6, 2017 GRE had a crazy hair day. Gold Rush was caring for others by donating money the students brought in for Hurricane Harvey relief. Go Gold Rush!
I got my hair colored for the first time that day. I was so excited! I got my hair colored my two favorite colors, blue and green.

In steam lab this week we worked on programming robots with Legos. With them we combined groups and our robots raced, and then with our groups we combined our robots together. We had to use critical thinking to make the robot move. It was challenging for us code the robots to make them move and go around obstacles.
-Carson & Brooke 

In this picture one student dropped his stuff and the other student helped him. This shows caring for others because the person helped him get his stuff back into his desk. Another kind thing that we didn’t get a picture of was students encouraging other students to play with them. I think both of these examples are caring for others because you are caring for the other student who dropped their stuff. It is also caring for others because it is caring for the person who is not playing anything and the other students are wanting them to play with them.
I feel good when I am helping my fellow classmate pick up all of his things in this picture!
-Jack & Talan 
In choir Mrs. Petty and these students have to care for others and work hard for their concert in a few weeks. We all look forward to seeing their show. We took this picture when they were practicing and they sounded amazing. They all work together to make their songs sound awesome. When people get off pitch their teammates support each other and help them get it right. I think their show will be amazing because they work so hard for it. I think they are great for taking this risk and singing in front of parents and students. They are going to be great. 
-Ryann & Bryce
Blog Club.jpg
On Friday we had a mini talent show in music. Students were able to share their talents. It is a part of taking risks in Gold Rush. It takes courage to go up and to perform in front of your classmate. It is fun to watch and be in!
-Malia, Kendelle, Cadence

Friday, September 29, 2017

September 29th


On Thursday I interviewed Owen in 5th grade on Battle of the Books. One question I asked him was why he chose to do battle of the books and he said that he loves to read and he loves to talk about books. Also, he said right now he is on the book Kid Owner and he loves the book because it’s about football and sports. Lastly, he said that he is nervous, excited, and confident about being in Battle of the Books. We want to wish everyone in the Battle of the Books good luck!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Western Night


At Gold Rush on Western Night, everyone enjoyed hayrides while the tractor people had fun driving the tractor. It was a fun night for everyone!

20170915_165524 (2).jpeg 

On September 15th, Gold Rush Elementary had their annual western night. A lot of kids had fun watching the pony at this years western night. Kids could ride the Hayride, find the pony’s poo, play games to try to win prizes, eat Kona ice, and dance!


Everyone from Gold Rush had a lot of fun at Western Night. It was a huge hit! There was music, dancing, food trucks, hay rides, and lots of games!