Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Final Posts as 5th Graders at GRE

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I have gone to GRE sense first grade. Over these years I have meat a lot
of friends and teachers that were always nice to me. In first grade I remember
my class would catch rolly pollys and we  would keep them in a
container and take care of them. In second grade I remember all the
friends I made like Ella. In third grade I found a new sport but
then the next year I stopped playing it. In fourth grade I remember
young Ameritowne and what happen there. And when I get to
Middle school I will miss a lot of memories.

GRE has been a great school that I will remember for the rest of my life.
I first came to this school in the first grade, where I made good friends that
are still my good friends today.  I have had some very good teachers that
have left their mark on me, I will miss them. I will miss GRE when I go to
middle school. I will miss my classmates, my teachers, and all of the fun I
have had here. I will also miss specials, and the specials teachers. I am
sad that I will have to leave this school for middle school, but I am still
excited for middle school.

Gold rush elementary has been a great school since my second
year of preschool. I liked all of the teachers because they have
been nice to me. I like how the teachers didn’t yell at me. I also like
all of my friends. I also like all of the group teachers, all of the subs,
and teachers because they were always kind. I also like the lunch
ladies because they always serve children and me delicious food.
I will miss Gold rush elementary because I had an awesome
time in gold rush elementary. I will miss my teachers because they
were so kind to me and other classmates. I will be sad to leave
gold rush elementary because some of my friends will go to a different
middle school than me. This is me and Ms. Lautenbach taking a selfie.

I have had some great years at Gold Rush Elementary. I love the
school because the people here.For example, the teachers have
helped me so much and so have the students.The thing about
gold rush I will miss the most is the caring teachers like Ms.Rayens.
She was the best to me.She always pushed me because she knew
that I could do it. I want to thank Gold Rush for 4 good years of my
life and I will always remember these fond years at Gold Rush.

  Ever since my first day of first grade at Gold Rush Elementary I’ve
made so many memories.  In Mrs.Rossy’s class, Mrs. Steckler,
Mrs. Castro, Mrs. Poli, and Mrs. Rayens. All of them are the best
you can't have a favorite teacher because Gold Rush has the best
teachers.  They aren’t too strict and not too sweet if you know
what I mean. The teachers get you ready for the next level and
teach you all the information you should be learning while making
it fun.  When I go to middle school I will miss specials. I love art even
though I am horrible at art but you don’t have to be great at it to enjoy it.
I like technology because we get to build stuff and program them,
both things that are really cool if you try it.  Music is cool to, we get
to play instruments and awesome games. We all have a chance to
win when we have music. Library is in the top. The library is the biggest
room in the whole school. There is so many books there and you can
get any one of them. Lastly there is P.E, my personal favorite.  There are
so many games that you play and you get a chance to be active in
the middle of school. Mrs. Warner is super nice she is like a best friend
to me. P.E is the best. I have had a wonderful time at Gold Rush and
will always remember what a good school this is.
-Rylie (Donut)

The time I have been at Gold Rush has been amazing. I have been
here for two years and they have been awesome. I am going to middle
school next year and so are my friends. What I am going to miss
most about Gold Rush are my teachers that I have had the past two
years I have been here, Mrs. Holtzer and Mrs. Rayens. Mrs. Rayens
has prepared me for middle school and has helped me through some
rough times. I will also miss our specials teachers for Art, P.E, Music,
Tech, and Library. I will also miss the office staff and Mrs. Brown and
Mrs. Bergner. I will miss Gold Rush so much.

  I have been attending Gold Rush for only about two years. I have had
amazing teachers, and friends. This year is my last year. I am going to miss
all of the friendly faces. I will always remember the way that everybody
treated me when I first came here. They all walked up to me and introduced
themselves. That showed a lot kindness because I did not have any family
or friends in Colorado yet. I will always remember the amazing way that
Gold Rush Elementary treated me!

I have been at gold rush for 5 years. I will miss walking over a bridge. I
will miss my young friends and family. I will miss seeing old teachers.and I
will miss eating orange chicken. I will miss our school library. I will miss
some of my friend because they are going to different middle schools.
Plus i will miss the short hallways because at Cimarron the hallways are
very far from some classes.

  I have been at Gold Rush Elementary since Pre-k. I have made
many friends since then. One of them I meet in 1st grade, Jack. Another
friend I meet was one in 2nd grade. His name is Zachary. I have had so
many great memories here because of the length of time I have spent at
GRE. One of my best memories was getting a speaking part in the 1st and
2nd grade performances. I have had so many wonderful teachers. In 1st
grade Mrs. Martino, 2nd grade Mrs. Steckler, 3rd grade Mrs. Sheppard, 4th
grade Mrs. Holtzer and now Mrs. Hawk. I will also remember the specials
at GRE. One of my favorite specials is S.T.E.A.M. I will miss all of things
from GRE and I am sad to leave this year but, Cimarron will open up new

These years at Gold Rush Elementary  have been the some of the best
years of my life. Over these years I have learned so much. One thing I will
always remember is how caring everyone is at this school. The thing I
will miss most of all are all of the teachers. They have helped me grow
as a person and as a student. I will also miss my friends. They have been
caring and supportive over the past few years. I have had a great time at
Gold Rush Elementary And I have had so many good times and memories,
I will truly miss this school!

I love Gold Rush. I have been here since preschool. My best
memory at Gold Rush is when I got the opportunity to sing the Star
Spangled Banner in front of the school in the beginning of fifth grade.
I love that all the kids and teachers here are kind and respectful. I will
miss this school a lot when I go to middle school. I am ready to be a
sixth grader because of my teacher Mrs. Rayens. She gets you so
prepared for middle school. I will miss all the kind people here. I have
so many memories here and I will miss Gold Rush a lot.  

Gold Rush is one of the schools that have been amazing toward
me and I love how there are kind and nice people who don’t judge
you. Also, I have had a lot of fantastic memories at Gold Rush one
of them is being Secretary of Student Council. Another one of them
being in the Spelling Bee. Both of these amazing memories took a lot
of hard work but they both were worth it. Gold Rush also has a lot of
spectacular teachers that teach amazingly, they are very kind, and love
being around kids which makes school fun for me. Last I will miss
special teachers because they all make me enjoy being in the school.
They also encourage me to do my best which I think helps a lot.

My time at GRE has been great. I have learned so much over
the past few years. One thing that I will miss the most is the teachers at
GRE. They have helped me learn so much and they have taught me
about how to be a better person and student. All of the teachers are
great at this school and I will miss all of them a lot! I will also miss
all of my friends, they have been so nice and caring to me over the
past few years. My friends have always been so supportive of me
over the past few years. Another thing that I will miss at GRE are
all of the specials, they are so fun and we get to learn a variety of
things in specials. I have had so many great memories at this school, I will
miss this school so much!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Things we LOVE

One of my favorite authors is Rebecca Stead. 
She writes the best books such as ‘When You Reach Me.’ I have read it twice. 
Once during Battle of the Books. My teacher also is currently reading it in read aloud. 
I really like and it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to read a good book! 

I like writing because it is cool and we can sometimes do free writing. 
This is me and my class writing about an article and what a thief would want, 
like a pile of coins and jewelry. And want kind of home a home buyer would want. 


 Three of my favorite authors are Kat Yeh, Frances O’Roark Dowell, and R.J. Palacio. 
They have written amazing books that I loved and I think other people would too.


These three teachers always go the extra way for us kids. 
They have helped are class and school to get smarter and smarter and they are 
the best teachers ever.
~Ava D. 


I like when teachers hug you and say “Hi.” I also Like teachers because they help us!
     ~Kendelle and Cadence

 I love to do math. I love to do math because I love working with groups and 
figuring out tough problems with my friends.I also love math because it is challenging and 
I love challenges. Lastly, I love the satisfaction when you finish a math problem it feels 
you just found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

We enjoy math. One reason why we love math because we get to organize
 decimal cards in order from least to greatest. Last time all the cards 
together is taller than us.
~Maya and Donut

I like P.E because you get work on different muscles. 
Plus sometimes we get to go outside. Plus the teacher teaches you how to 
eat healthy and what foods and drinks are good for you.

It’s now valentines day! That means that it’s time to think about 
the things we love. This image is of my favorite book series by 
my favorite author, J.R.R. Tolkien. This is my favorite series because they 
all take place in a made up world called middle earth. They are really deep and 
are a very good series to read.

I love math and trying new and challenging problems. I am in math 
Olympiad and another extra math group. They both challenge my brain.